HTC Blinkfeed is coming to other Android devices soon

Yesterday, HTC just released one of the most anticipated phone of the year officially. In the long paragraphs of its press release, it is with no doubt most of us missed an especially interesting section:

"Following its popularity with HTC users, HTC will now make HTC BlinkFeed available to other Android devices, launching on the Google Play store soon."

Yes, that means HTC is planning to release an integral part of its Sense UI to the majority of other Android devices out there, by rolling it out in the Google Play Store. It may all seem weird and rather quirky for HTC to make this move, however it might just be a strategy of HTC's game of chess. By releasing the strongly emphasised Blinkfeed to non-HTC customers, it might allow them to experience HTC's brilliant design and software, in turn promoting the brand and product awareness. In that case, it's a really smart marketing concept: promoting brand awareness at less than a fraction of the supposed advertising cost. 

Though Blinkfeed was already uploaded to the Google Play Store, it is only compatible with the new HTC M8. However, we can expect to take HTC's words for it to be compatible with your devices real 'soon'.


Following Google's footsteps, Motorola released many of its own APKs to the Google Play Store for the ease of updating different apps individually without the need for releasing a full-fledged update over-the-air. It is good to see HTC taking this approach as well and who knows, maybe every manufacturer would release their full homescreen launcher to the Play Store. Kind of cool for consumers, if you ask.

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Sources: Android Central