Twitter update allows you to tag people in your photos and upload multiple ones

A step towards being more 'social' as a social network

Most of us have always wondered why there isn't any way to tag our friends in the photos we took together on Twitter. Yes, we could tag them in the tweet, but that would cost us some of our 140 precious characters, leaving us with little capacity to write a half-decent caption.

However, Twitter pushed an update today that allow us to do just that. Competitors like Facebook and its photo-sharing arm Instagram always had that extra edge over Twitter by allowing users to tag their friends and write captions without much limitation. With this update, Twitter arguably cut down the difference between them and their competitors, becoming better for frequent users like us. Finally its taking steps to being more 'sociable', such as the one recently covered by us.

Tag 10 people in your photos

The tagging feature allows you to tag up to 10 of your bosom buddies and still have a 140 character remaining at your disposal, to elaborate on the fun stuffs you guys did together. It's a really nice extra feature because for people who goes to larger gatherings often, we would be at a loss of who to mention without 'hurting' the others. Many times we would just give up on mentioning totally. 

Tweet up to 4 photos

Image Credits

Image Credits

Have more than one pictures you'll like to share? Sure, Twitter took that into consideration also. With the new update to iOS devices (Web and Android version coming soon), we can now upload a series of up to 4 different photos and have Twitter collage them for you in the same tweet. But note that the collage isn't really a combined single image, it is just a collage preview. To expand and see the full image, simply tap it (or click) and swipe to navigate. 


With the new update, or rather the barrage of updates recently, Twitter is surely closing in on the gap as one of the top social media. It may not be as popular in some countries yet, but slowly and surely, they are catching up.

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