Flopped Galaxy S5 hammer test results in exploding battery.

This is something that was newly added to my NOT-TO-DO list: Hammering a Samsung Galaxy S5 (Or any phones, in fact) and its battery. Don't ever try whacking your battery and see what happens. 

Motorola 'Moto X+1' leaked on Twitter

Leaks throughout the year before any device launches are arguably the 'x-factor' behind all the hypes and big hoohas. And the latest one has came out of the tech oven piping hot, the 'Moto X+1'. 

Amazon Dash: A shopping accessory for you to stock up your groceries

Amazon practically wants you to buy everything from them, whether gadgets or groceries, and they want you to do it without ever needing to set foot outside your house. That is apparently the e-commerce company's goal.

Google Search gains ability to directly access apps from searches

Google has partnered with a few app developers last year to link search results directly to apps. It basically means that you can open a link in search results with a relevant app installed on your device. If you have a search result from Wikipedia, you can open it directly with Wikipedia's app.

Cortana is Microsoft's answer to Google Now and Siri

Microsoft has just announced its own virtual assistant, Cortana. It is mainly a voice command tool, powered by Bing, that will eventually replace the current search function in WIndows Phone.

Twitter now supports emoji characters on the web

Emoji are widely used on Twitter by users to express themselves. If you are one of those who scroll through your timeline on your desktop regularly, then rejoice as Twitter has updated their web version of the social platform to show emoji characters!

Gmail may add more features to its mobile app

A couple of leaked screenshots have surfaced, suggesting that Google is testing a version of Gmail with an array of new features. 

iPhone 6 concept brings back glass back design

We know that many are patiently (or maybe anxiously) waiting for the arrival of the new iPhone 6, even though there are still many months away from the official unveiling by Apple itself. New concept images emerged on the internet, taking on the "Air" concept.

Vine updated with Vine Messages and profile customization

Vine has been one of our favorite platforms for bite-size and creative videos. The popular social app has received a rather major update to add direct video messaging and the ability to customize your profile with different colors.

Google Keep update brings improved UI

Google's own note-taking app, Google Keep, is receiving an update to v2.0 that brings new features, as well as UI tweaks. It brings a refreshed UI to the otherwise plain design.

So what exactly are the new features?

Cut the Rope 2 lands on Android

It's time to feed candy to Om Nom! ZeptoLab has released Cut the Rope 2 on Android. It is free to download but contains in-app purchases and advertisements. 

Facebook Messenger for iOS adds groups tab and message forwarding

Facebook rolled out an update to its Messenger app for iOS. The update brings a dedicated groups tab for group conversations and message forwarding.

Microsoft releases Office app for iPad

It's been a year since Microsoft Office has landed on iOS but the iPad's version was nowhere to be found. Rumors have been floating around, speculating that an iPad-version of the app was being worked on. Guess what now? It's here.

Microsoft Office for iPhone and Android goes completely free

Microsoft Office Mobile for iOS and Android, has been made free by the company earlier today. Android tablets users will still have to wait for a while though, while iPad's version of the app will still require a $99 subscription.

Twitter update allows you to tag people in your photos and upload multiple ones

Most of us have always wondered why there isn't any way to tag our friends in the photos we took together on Twitter. However, Twitter pushed an update today that allow us to do just that.

Google releases iOS app, Photowall, for Chromecast

Google has launched a brand new iOS app, Photowall, for its HDMI dongle, Chromecast. The app allows you to beam collaborative photo montage on your TV with your iOS device.

NYPD tears through dance floor with INSANE moves

Yes, a dude in NYPD uniform told his friend to "hold my gun" before jumping in to battle a street performer and kills it through and through. Don't take my words for it. Believe what you see. 

Infographics: How to Moonwalk?

Ever since the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson did his famous moonwalk back in the 80s where sequined gloves were still hip, it spurs countless fans and admirers to imitate his dance moves but only a handful are capable of copying it substantially. Are you one of them? Or... should I say were? 

Interesting Things: Heads-Up Display Saves Lives

In our previous article, we covered how Google bust different myths to defend the Google Glass against the generally hostile public. However, we don't know just how many minds they've changed or whether was their act effective at all. But what if, Google Glass can potentially save lives? Not just any other lives (though I can't emphasize enough that all lives are equal) but your parents' or grandparents'?

Interesting Things: Meteor Strikes London through Bus Ads

 Augmented reality was used to make the passengers believe that meteors are striking London and what? Alien attacks, you'd bet! 

How Google Ranks a Website

We've got the overall picture but still, what are the factors Google considers before deciding which page a website should be ranked at? Here is the new infographic Neil created to tell you the different factors affecting a page ranking of a website. 

Did Chinese Satellites spotted MH370's remains?

Earlier today, the Chinese might have just caught a glimpse of the missing Malaysian Airlines' MH370's debris in the Southern Indian Ocean, through its satellite the "Gaofen-1".

Interesting Things: Harry Potter Infographic that fans might like

How many of you are Harry Potter fans reading this? This might be a little piece of infographic you might find interesting.

Interesting Things: If Google Was a Guy

The humour and comedy YouTube channel, CollegeHumor came up with the original video 'If Google Was a Guy' 2 months ago in January and received over 4,000,000 views and now, the channel released a second video 'If Google Was a Guy (part 2)'